Anna vee

Artist & Songwriter


singer & songwriter follows her own path

With musical background and wanderlust in heart, Anna Vee writes songs about life’s adventures, chasing dreams and those deep moments of soul searching.

Seeing music as a way of self-expression as well as a path to your innermost feelings, this Helsinki-based artist feels that the only right way to approach making music is to follow your heart, always staying true to yourself. 

Back in 2018, after singing in rock bands for over a decade, Anna set on a voyage to discover her true voice as an artist. She wrote, produced and released her debut-EP ’Doors’ in May 2021. This delicate, yet empowering debut is available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp, for instance. Follow-up single ’Sunrise’ was released on March 10th 2023, and more music is well on its way.




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